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The stories will feature Mia, told from her perspective as she continues her journey as an escort to twelve clients in twelve different locations. You might like this series. Well I wish i could help you. I meanthey get to actually know each other before falling in if. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

What to Read After Fifty Shades – Maryse’s Book Blog

I went through withdrawal after reading the Fifty trilogy!!! I have been using your website for 2 years Maryse and love adrk the info you post, it has helped me pick out books I truly love to read.

A strong, spunky, snarky and a bit jaded heroine.

I HAVE to include this. That was until I came across This Man trilogy. It also worries me a little that I havent met anyone to share my life with.

The hero has lost confidence in himself as a Dom after a sub committed suicide. Recent Posts Reader Recommendations — Are you in the mood for intense romance angst that will make og jaw drop and might rip your heart out?

I am addicted and wanted more reads. I read some books that have a compelling storyline and light bdsm feel to them I feel should pvf added. As someone said, Tony main character is Christian and Gideon on steroids. James Cavendish fast became my next Christian Grey.

Hours I spent indulging myself in beautiful disaster.

One of my co-workers suggested I read Bared to You and I actually surprised her and myself by liking it better than 50 shades. Check out the series from C C Gibbs.

I read 50 shades trilogy and crossfire series maybe 3 times …. I loved fifty shades blew my mind then I read the crossfire Series loved it!

I so thought Q was a freak for getting zero sleep while reading the 50 series twice in a row. An old flame has decided to help her out by infiltrating with the Doms. Selena blushed to her roots and started to say something when I cut her off.

Fell is a lifestyle Dom, and the first set of stories are in his viewpoint. I got it from NetGalley to read and it was really good. Sorry, ;rince blog cannot share posts by email.

I started on knights mistress and im hooked from page 4 awesome. The Stark Trilogy by J. One of my favourite aspects of 50 shades was all of the email communication between them. I was introduced to this book by my bookclub.

What to Read After Fifty Shades

I was so hoping for something similar after finishing the fifty shades series, and I can already see the resemblance! If I come up with more suggestions I will let you know. I convinced my sisters and a few friends to read the first book, but warned they should have the second on hand … just in case. Wait till the Glass Towers Trilogy comes out December 10th! Her books definitely should be on your list of books to read!

The fifth book is coming out Sept. Love them, the banter between the kresley cole pleasure of a dark prince pdf download What do I read now? Mac and Jethro are so hot.