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We promised not to be late.

He kept workingalthough he felt ill. Dosnload don’t have to listen to him. Some adjectives, such as difficult and interestingare always followed by infinitives. I’d love to drive. This structure can be used to talk about something that you are sorry you did. I’m sorry I’m sorry for telling you.

Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs Part 1

The gerund is used when we want to say that a previous activity continues. I was made to drive. I’d hate to drive. They didn’t allow us to eat there. I can’t stand waiting for hours.

We saw you swim. Examples of verbs followed by infinitive only: He gave us a lecture on the Greek history. I want to go.

We use gerund to talk about earlier actions. Followev discussed going on holiday together. Several drug users volunteered to participate in the survey. Verbs that are spelled incorrectly will not be accepted. I’d like to drive. I’d prefer to drive. And then he went on to show us his photos from Greece. These verbs can be followed by either an —ing form or an infinitive.

She was seen to cry. She recommended John to read this book.

I made an experiment with my mobile. Some verbs are always followed by infinitives.

Verbs followed by infinitives and gerunds

He may take it. I ordered my son to send it. I don’t enjoy it, but I go there, because it is good for my health. They preferred to answer those questions that were less direct. I like to go to the dentist twice a year. She agreed to give a list of verbs followed by gerunds and infinitives pdf download at the meeting. I stopped to smoke. He suggested staying at the Grand Hotel.

It’s no use working so late. I dared not call you. A marriage is something that frightens her. Excuse me for being late. See the list of verbs part 2 here See the list rownload verbs part 3 here See the list of verbs part 4 here. The verb help can also be followed by the infinitiv with to.

Grammar Tutorials | Verb Forms

They are used with an infinitive if there is an object. Did he seem to like it?

And here are some common verbs followed by ‘to’ and the infinitive. I enjoyed living in France. We needn’t open it. Here are some of the most common verbs that are usually followed by the gerund. The infinitive with this expression can also mean sorrow: It is more common, however, to use – ing form in English after the verbs of senses.

Excuse my being late. She recommended reading this book.

Some verbs and adjectives can be followed by either an —ing form or an infinitive.