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Hi, I am using this program for the past 3 odd months. So long as you are eating less than your TDDE, you’ll lose fat. So, a few things will determine the results you see from mfns workouts.

Leg Curl 4 3a. Next head over to the cables for a lat pulldown paired with one of the greatest bodyweight exercises of all time, the pushup.

Goblet Lunge 4 12 2a. I was being stuck with my routine for a longer period of time when friend of mine recommended me this page.

The Fast Mass program is a 4 day split composed entirely of mens fitness 21 day shred pdf download. Dumbbell RDL 3 2b. I’m currently mens fitness 21 day shred pdf download “Amplified Wheybolic extreme 60 ripped” as my protein shakes throughout the day. It also sounds like you have a lack of shoulder mobility, which downloas an entirely different issue in of itself.

The workouts are quick but intense and my weights are steadily climbing on the main lifts. Hi TN, Nothing wrong at all: I like doing full body workouts I most of the put together my own program but this time I let someone else do the thinking. Lets face it, we are all busy. At the end of the day you want your workouts to be pain free. Hi Josh, Should my weights be increasing each week?

Good luck and dlwnload me know how it goes! And so on, just rotating the workout days as they fit your schedule.

# Shred It Fat Burner #

You’ve named one pef nutrition. Subtract cals from that if your goal is fat loss, add cals if your goal is muscle growth. This is what causes your body to make positive adaptations.

The only issue you may run into is a lack of cardiovascular conditioningwhich building upon by using this workout will only help you with your long-term goals. Is there something else I mens fitness 21 day shred pdf download take in addition or to substitute? Can i do this program 4 days in a row? Lost about 10 lbs in 6 weeks and gained strength along the way! Downloax 4 is your second leg day of the week. Doing so will ensure you’re making progress.

Skullcrusher 3 Day 3 off light cardio minutes of walking for active recovery Day 4 Exercise Sets Reps 1a. After 6 weeks of following this plan I can see a huge change on mens fitness 21 day shred pdf download body!

Focus your attention on learning what calories and nutrients are and what food sources you can obtain them from. We Ship To View Details.

Fast Mass Program: The 4 Day Superset Split Workout

Then move over to the machines to hit the quads and hamstrings with another leg extension and leg curl superset. Some joints are just not meant to move in certain directions. Days Per Week 4. I’m not sure I understand your question. You should be fine doing this program 4 days in a row, but it will really come down to how well you recover after your workouts.

Thanks for your reply. I’m 12 and I’m really skinny, would I be able to do this workout and get bigger muscles? You’ll be a lot better off than other kids your age by doing so and light years ahead when you odwnload of an age where weight training is appropriate.

So I’ve been doing this program consistently for about 3 weeks. For standing calf raises, these can be completed either with a machine, downkoad weight, or with bodyweight depending on the gym flow during your workouts.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row 4 2a.

Day 1 of the program is a legs and shoulder workout minus pressing. Pushup 4 3a. Happy to hear it!

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Notify me when new comments are posted. The important thing here is that you are increasing the weight or your training stimulus overtime. The amount of work done during you workouts should be plenty to shred fat and work the stabilizing muscles of your core. Nothing is as disheartening as going to perform the second part of your superset only to see another lifter run off with the equipment you needed for the first part.

I assume warmup sets for the first 2 main movements of the day? Incline Dumbbell Bench 3 2b. It mens fitness 21 day shred pdf download perfect for the average person looking to put on muscle mass, but may not have the time to spend longer than 30 minutes in the gym.