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Axial displacement creates large stresses in the disc pack.


lovejoy inc pdf download All sleeves, seals, hub bores, shafts, keys, and keyways must be checked for raised metal, nicks, burrs, dents, gouges, etc. Downers Grove, IL 6. Avenue between Everett and Flanders Streets. To assure safe operation, this product should be inspected in accordance with the instructions described in this document. A clean cloth dampened with a nonflammable solvent should be sufficient for this cleaning.

Either the hub side or the mounting ring side of the disc pack may be tightened first. If the equipment has not been moved into place, the driver and driven equipment should now be repositioned. Always remember to properly seat the bolt before tightening the locknut. The end user is ultimately responsible for verifying the suitability of the final coupling selection based on the actual service conditions at the time lovejoy inc pdf download the coupling installation.

For additional information, please contact Lovejoy’s Application Engineering.

L Type Hubs with Keyway – Inch (Imperial) Bores On Lovejoy, Inc.

This means there is a minimal amount of waviness in the disc pack when viewed from the side. The Work of Vanessa Renwick. Lovsjoy content is added by our users. All coupling parts, equipment components, shafts, and keyways must lovejoy inc pdf download clean and free of any foreign materials prior to attempting assembly or installation. Downloda displacement is lovejoy inc pdf download function of the coupling size and the number of bolts utilized.

Torque all the Bolts on both sides of the split spacer following the tightening procedure in the following section. The information may be considered privileged and should only be disseminated as an active part odf conducting business with Lovejoy, Inc. For a long life, it is recommended that the axial spacing of the shafts should be positioned so that the disc pack is completely flat when the equipment is operating under normal conditions.

This can be done with the disc packs in place. Disconnect and lock out all power to the equipment. With the lovejoy inc pdf download installed on the shafts and oriented as shown in the drawing at the end of this document, allow the hubs to cool to the ambient room temperature.

The hubs should not rest on the bottom of the oil bath container and must remain in place for a period of time ample to heat the hub all the way through. Without the lovejoy inc pdf download, the bushings could twist causing the disc packs to buckle halfway between the bushings.

Check the first locknut to verify it meets the torque specification. When reinstalling the coupling guard, verify there is enough clearance to prevent the coupling from coming in contact with the guard and lovejoy inc pdf download there’s visibility to inspect the disc pack during operation. This is the default type of bore supplied by Lovejoy for disc coupling hubs. Moscato, Marc October 1.

Please thoroughly review all of the following instructions prior to installing this coupling and placing it in operation. The last pieces of the 7.

Mount the disc packs to each hub by inserting the three bolts for each disc pack through the flange face on the hub then through the disc pack. Author Write something about yourself. Hubs will be mounted on the driver and driven shafts with the hub flanges facing toward the equipment. Induction Lovejoy inc pdf download can be used and long as the temperature rise in the hub is uniform and controlled.

Lovejoy Inc

Mount the top half of the split spacer by inserting all the spacer bolts and hand tighten each of the locknuts. Sae fatigue design handbook.

This symbol indicates lovejoy inc pdf download measures which must be observed to avoid damage to coupling. Excessive heat can soften, or anneal the hub, reducing the strength of the steel thus affecting the performance characteristics of the hub. The larger downlozd size, the larger the allowable axial displacement. Move the connecting equipment or the hubs on their respective shafts to accomplish this.