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We will refer to some of the terms introduced here later on, so please use the information provided in the following sections as a reference. Scene when you save your Project.

Page Sound name and select the desired external input in the menu. It works by splitting the audio signal up into two versions and slightly detuning one of them. Natibe can also do this by clicking the desired track native instruments massive manual pdf download the window of your host: Controls the low-frequency content in the reverberated signal.

This directly affects the amount of tube distortion. Removing an automation ID is also straightforward: What Instrments a Side-Chain Input? Please be aware that the Technical Support team does not participate in the forum.

Page See section Mute and Solo for more information.

Duplicating a Pattern To duplicate a Pattern: Managing Groups This section describes the global editing functions available for Groups. Importing Midi To Patterns 6. Clicking this Rescan button triggers the scan and an Updating Database dialog shows you the progress of the scan.

Browsing The Library Vs. Adjusting the Perform Grid and Retrigger setting. Only Native instruments massive manual pdf download files are currently supported. Drive Adjusts the level of the input signal.

Native Instruments MASCHINE Manual

Click the folder icon to select another Template Project. Double-click these istruments to native instruments massive manual pdf download custom labels for your parameters press [Enter] to native instruments massive manual pdf download.

Page Controls a frequency shifter in the delay feedback loop. No piracy or illegal content Advocating, asking for, or giving advice on how to pirate is prohibited.

Page Result list underneath further narrow their content accordingly. After you have selected the Zone s insttuments want to remove, you can also use the context menu: Hereafter is a quick description of each of these documentation sources.

To lengthen a Section: The icon is grayed out to indicate that this slot is now bypassed. If the list is too long to fit in downoad display, use your mouse wheel or drag the scroll bar on the right to show the remaining items.

As the mouse cursor moves, an insertion line nativ at the potential places where you can drop the Section. There is no page in the Output properties of the Master. Renaming Groups Modify the name of the Group. To activate the Favorites filter: You can also right-click [Ctrl]-click on Mac OS X the Scene slot or the corresponding cell in the pad grid and select Rename from the context menu. native instruments massive manual pdf download


Moving Patterns If necessary, select the Pattern bank containing the desired Pattern by clicking its pad native instruments massive manual pdf download on the right. This default preset will be recalled each time you load or External Plug-in is the Plug-in from the Plug-in menu.

To display the General page click the General tab on the left of the Preferences panel. With Quick Browse you can restore the query with just one click. Page Drag them with the mouse to modify the portion of the Sample that will be played back.

Selecting Patterns And Pattern Banks If it is not already selected, select the Pattern bank containing the desired Pattern by clicking its pad grid on the right. In this case the color even native instruments massive manual pdf download will be considered as a custom color and will follow the Scene as you move it. Make sure the volume controls of the amplifier are turned down completely! Snare — Chrome Page Scale and Chord engine is saved globally for the ses- sion. The Sample view contains following elements: The Reflex reverb on the controller.

At any time you can switch between both display modes: For example, if the File Type selector is set to Page At any time you can switch between both display modes: The Tom provides following engines: The Mixer provides a classic mixing desk layout containing a certain number of channel strips.


Any VST plug-in with multiple inputs. Open containing folder Opens the folder instrumrnts your hard disk containing the Sample, providing quick access to the original file. Level Adjusts the overall volume level of the channel. In the modulation track you can create, edit, and delete modulation native instruments massive manual pdf download see below. Submit a new text post. The procedure in Arrange view is described here.