Order a new one from Epson. Hover near or tap the board or projected image with the interactive pen or your finger BrightLink Wi. See the following for more details on the Microsaver Security System. Change the source to USB. The HDMI connection provides the best image quality. Selecting Wireless Network Settings in Windows Before connecting to the projector, select the correct wireless network on your computer. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “wf-ds” P.

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Order a new one from Epson. The PowerUte Pro GW offers the ultimate projection solution for any auditorium or boardroom, even in brightlink 475wi light.

Zoom into and out of the image Turn off the picture and sound Pause bright,ink action Decrease the volume Increase the volume Page brightlink 475wi Other Brightlink 475wi Page – The remote control does not brightlink 475wi Page – Mail is not received even if an error oc Worry-free handlingGet professional quality photos thatare smudge, scratch, water and faderesistant6, so you can share photosor archive important documents rightafter printing.

Calibrating Manually The cursor location and pen position should match brgihtlink calibration. Gently insert the new lamp into the projector along the guide rail. You see a prompt asking if you want to use the displayed image as a user’s logo. brightlink 475wi

Preparing the Projector This chapter explains how to install the projector and brightlink 475wi projection sources. Projector Security Features Brighglink a User Pattern to Display You can transfer an image to the projector and then display it as a pattern to aid in presentations when you use the Pattern Display feature.


Adjusting the Menu Settings Follow the instructions in these sections to access the projector menu system and change projector settings. When you get to brightlink 475wi bottom of the column, the next circle appears at the top brightlink 475wi a new column.

Projection Functions Play images, or run Slideshow. Wait a few seconds for an image to appear. 4775wi not install batteries of different types, or mix new and old batteries. Select a submenu brightlink 475wi. This indicates that the projector is receiving power. If you are connecting three or more projectors, connect the brightlink 475wi in a chain as shown.

Epson Projectors — Download Drivers

Brightlink 475wi with a robust, dust-resistant design, featuring advanced technology and networkingcapabilities, brightlink 475wi Epson D series is the perfect solution for higher education Page Epson for help.

This is useful when you want to expand images to 4755wi them in greater Remote control detail, such as graphs and tables. Otherwise, set this to Off. You may also speak with a brightlink 475wi support specialist by dialing U. See your local computer or electronics dealer for purchase information. 475wwi Cadieux Eric S.

Projectors Epson — Drivers

This lets you access the projector remotely. Internet Support Visit Epson’s support website at epson.

Got it, continue to print. If your image colors appear incorrect, you may need brightlink 475wi change the Input Signal setting in the projector’s Signal menu.

You can start Auto Calibration by pressing brigtlink User button on the remote control or by pressing the Brightlink 475wi button on the remote control as described here.

Lámparas para proyectores EPSON

Replace it with a new air filter. For more details, contact your local dealer or the nrightlink address provided turns on and it enters brightlink 475wi mode. This information is subject to change without notice.

Page documentation, and that the name of Lucent or any of its entities not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining brightlink 475wi distribution of the software without specific, written prior permission. Designedfor both working professionals and brightlink 475wi, You must enter the correct password to use the projector.