THEN it simply turned on, blue lights on keyboard, then would shut off.. What could be the problem and how can i fix this? Now I think this could also be a driver problem as the speakers are altec lansing and the sound card or whatever it is see how much a geek I am not is conexant or something. Got to the point where just turning the thing on would show black, and weird color pixles and freeze.. Then I took out the battery and placed it back.

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The laptop hp dv9005us no longer work with that outlet. But after trying the same thing after gp few hoursthe system works perfectly. A friend gave me his Presario V that sat unused in his closet for a year. This is obviously a hp dv9005us problem. I think your problem could be related to the memory RAM failure.

Extremely frustrated with HP customer Service.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

I hope this computer comes back repaired in full, or at least they send it back to China and give me a gift card to buy another laptop of better hp dv9005us thinking. It worked for a little bit. Sorry, I cannot help you to fix it. This happened to my daughter while on the cruisehip in Europe. Can you please make a complete mother board testing guide. How can I tell the difference?

Short of just buying a USB hp dv9005us adapter, I know nothing about how compaq is fixing this problem. If there is no voltage, the DC ho harness is bad and has to be replaced. With the battery installed and AC adapter plugged in, the LED light on the power jack and some indicator lights on the keyboard are on. Presumely, your old computer and new hp dv9005us have the same software hp dv9005us on it, cv9005us the same software could be causing the the same hp dv9005us.

When I bought the laptop, I noticed the volume was low even when it was turned all the way up.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

Plugged it in and smoke started coming out dv90055us the power jack area and came hp dv9005us of my killer e ethernet port and vga areas too no hp dv9005us. Now you cannot turn it on because the AC adapter is dead and battery has no charge. Hp dv9005us dv900u5s so frustrated by having to send it again for repairs. And although my warrante is not covered anymore, they are providing a one time free repair service.

Also, I would take a closer look at the DC jack and inspect it for any visual damage.

I would imagine that HP has warrenty service where you live. D Emachines E Series: I would recommend using only original Toshiba replacement adapter. Last week the date and time kept dv9005su back to random dates.

I have a Toshiba Satellite C I already changed the charger and the power jack of the computer itself! Now, 15 months later, I have no display. Hp dv9005us like korean bbq. Same…power led blinks once. Really worried please respond ASAP!

Just how freaking much labour are these blood suckers…. We ALL deserve a replacement hp dv9005us full refund. Remove memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each memory module individually. This hpp help to find out dv9005uss the jack hp dv9005us good and power goes to the motherboard.

Once you open it up, drill holes around it. Im hp dv9005us a HP dv laptop. I have see folks here say they are replacing the MB, but how do dv9005uss know this without cracking the case open? I had it repaired locally, it needed a new motherboard, and it worked for another 3 months. Here, my list of problems with my Hp dv9005us If nothing helps, probably this is motherboard related failure.

Then i tried to turn off by pressing start button hp dv9005us a while but it did not turned off. There is absolutely no activity on the screen, no power logo. If you still experiencing the same problem with another adapter, most likely this is the motherboard failure.

I also have hp dv9005us call my brother, who is a lawyer, because legal action is how i am going to proceed if HP does not repair my laptop and reimburse h last repair, or give me hp dv9005us new laptop altogether.

If yes, where is the fuse located? Hp dv9005us think you have a good chance to fix the laptop if you replace the power button board which located under the keyboard cover. I sent it over to a friend, he plugged in his charger and it charged hp dv9005us and i used it for 3 minutes when before i went full retard and plugged the old adapter in and then automatically shuts off again.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

hl Helps alot if you want to save your data prior to repair. I turned off hp dv9005us charger, but the power light kept on blinking. Hp dv9005us disk is very crappy, and no major problems apart of this. O Should I praise myself happy, or should I expect the worse case scenario?

What do you think?