I don’t do much work with your printer, but will look it up for you either this arvo, or during the weekend, depends on how busy work is today. Test Case for PostScript Printing 3. It’s been doing it for years. Is there a cheap source for the chips? I’m only at 1. Thanks in Advance for any help. It leaves me to beleive it is the scanner within the printer causeing this issue.

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If we don’t use it for a couple of magicolor 2530dl, it squeals and jams the first page every time we start magicolor 2530dl from it again, and usually the first couple of pages. Thanks it was the adjustment; the gear jumped a tooth not letting the plug come in contact with the unit. I looked and the toner is not turning.

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Text prints much lower than the set margins. I’ve lived with this problem a long time.

Any help, suggestions or direction would be appreciated! Receiving error message “Imaging Unit Missing” on a Minolta magicolor 2530dl powering off to replace fuser and transfer unit when low life message was received on them.

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I have a Konica and it keeps jamming at the fusing unit. I have two DL magicolor 2530dl awaiting a fix.

I have a W that has recently started printing very lightly down the left side of the page. Also do you refill your toners? Stutus shows that Blank INK is empty. But once it dips down a certain amount, magicolor 2530dl never gets picked up because the tray isn’t lifting it up and so the rollers never engage.

Konica DL – Transfer Belt has bumps in it. I was getting a fatal error 17H on my magicolor 2530dl W magicolor 2530dl it made a grinding sound on startup. I have a Minolta di that is giving a C error. I tried swapping the drum and it didn’t make any difference. Even the test page from the rom comes out the same.

Haven’ t done anything with the cartridges in awhile, except change the black toner, magicolor 2530dl I have magicllor through three brand new toner cartridges with the same result. I have two DL Printers.

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The cartridges start leaking toner after a couple of refills and the wiper were not designed to handle the excessive amounts of toner. I have a Konica Minolta I have a huge print job this weekend and I started magicolor 2530dl the “replace the drum” message. It still says its full. And, how do you determine when the cartridge was produced? I have a 1 month over magicolor 2530dl Konica Minolta magicolor w. Does this sound right to you? Spares should be available – you can ask – try their support web site.

I did not get new chips as apparently they would not work magicolor 2530dl my printer. I’ve just changed the black ink which are a pain and now it magicolor 2530dl print. Rang him and magicolor 2530dl said the w drum has a fuse and it ‘cannot’ be replaced, buy a new drum. Thanks in Advance for any help.

Konica Questions answered here

Before this sometimes magicolor 2530dl printing in color, part of the page would be in color and the rest would be in black and white. Contacted Apple and they said I magicolor 2530dl to get an updated driver from Konica. I’m only at 1.

I have a Magicolor I magicolor 2530dl a DL, and after about pages, it said that magicolr waste bottle is full. Anything you are going to do to it will cost more than that, not including your time.

The actual printing takes the same amount of time mahicolor always has. This one has printed magicolor 2530dl of pages with no probs till this operator error! It is Konica C