I added a troubleshooting section to the bottom of the guide that you should follow. Record the output of gphoto2 –capture-image to see if capture works already. FTV boots up normally. Once the process is complete, it works great on the old tvs. When i start AFTV no boot menu to see. Thanks for your help!! Do you think there will be a Prerooted Rom at some point that includes the Play Store.

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How to Root the Amazon Fire TV 2

Then i try and install the 5. There is a typo in the v2 installer that causes it to fail. Hope this helps someone. OK finally rooted to 5.

I think its blocking ADB connection. Xevice LG Electronics Dwvice. Mediatek mt65xx ms usb device got my device into the same state blinking white light, no hdmi image. Finally successfully rooted my fire tv, thanks to all and a coffee bought to one and all to show my appreciation.

When i start AFTV no boot menu to see. While I use Linux, I did find this guide to be most helpful. Just clicking it will work. I know the USB keyboard works because it works on my laptop. The box is starting normaly.

No matter what i try it strips the mediatek mt65xx ms usb device info. As shown hsb 3: Version number — 4. TWRP would tell me if things failed correct? The only way I can get it to work is to reinstall the rom. I saw this in my terminal:.

I got to the part before connecting USB keyboard. Should I allow it to start up normally once first, or mediatek mt65xx ms usb device I go straight to this guide? Here is what I saw when I ran just the handshake. This is how I rooted it.

Thanks for the quick response, I ve had it running for over 2 hrs now still the same result on my third try. Pocket Tunes NormSoft, Inc. I clicked on reboot and ft keeps rebooting to the boot menu. I mediatek mt65xx ms usb device screen shotting the whole way through. The arror is actually this below but it stripped the extra stuff in my original post. Thanks Elias, really good guide this one. Hey, i just rootet my fire tv. But mediatsk become this message: I am now instants and very happy!

Download the latest version available, which is currently 5. If you see root sloane: I tried reinstalling the sloan rooted 5.

How to Root the Amazon Fire TV 2 | AFTVnews

What can i do? Any other ideas as to why i wouldnt get the supersu prompt?

Not sure this has anything to do with the problem, but just thought it maybe useful. Great guide as always! ADB reveals my current device properties include: So if you have the same problem, just use a different thumb drive or better yet, a microSD.