But awesome to hear! Also does the FN key work to turn the wireless back on? I feel like one of my parents. There’s definitely one in Perth. It could be that the driver crashed.

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Knowing that Asus will repair ur notebook for 2-Years is excellent in my opinion. Now asus x59sl wireless happened was I was using it as a media centre and watching TV off it, stuck it in standby, got up the next day and the wireless no longer worked.

This often will get devices working again after a driver crash. Aren’t you glad you didn’t reinstall Windows? I feel like one of my parents. Just saw your post back – was doing some research and didn’t refresh page asus x59sl wireless see you posted back.

It could be that the driver crashed. Mind you Windows 7 works good on it: Can’t wait to get the notebook back from repair lol: Have it repaired under warranty.

Does anybody know if there is an Asus Service Centre in Perth? This was just a one off. I took it in xsus and they told me that the wait would be roughly weeks: Yeah asus x59sl wireless what I was figuring would asus x59sl wireless the case. Skald 6 years ago. There’s not much else u can do since u’ve owned it for 3 months.

Драйвера ASUS X59SL

That’s a typical quick and dirty lazy solution that a lot of computer stores will advocate. One thing I have noticed is that the Bluetooth no longer shows up aswell asus x59sl wireless it may be related.

Just after some more opinions here. Archive View Return to standard view.

Wireless network problem of Notebook | Official Support | ASUS Global

Is there a little switch like this on the side maybe? The 2-Year warranty was the real turner for me. Here’s what I’ve tried:.

P Mind you Windows 7 works good on asus x59sl wireless Asus are a very reliable brand. If asuus are using Windows Vista or 7, you can usually restart the driver through the Device Manager. D I could imagine!

My Notebook’s WiFi and Bluetooth won’t turn on

The wireless on my Asus Notebook recently stopped working, I’ve had it roughly 3 months. Wirelews to hear you got it sorted out. I’m waiting until the full version of Windows 7 is released then I’ll asus x59sl wireless installing it on my notebook immediately: D I’ve just asus x59sl wireless to get my Asus repaired under warranty it was only two weeks old because of wirelezs asus x59sl wireless problem as well.

MatPaget 6 years ago. GTFShadow 6 years ago. I’ve just had to get my Asus repaired under warranty it was only two weeks old because of a wireless problem as well. There’s definitely one in Perth. CROM 6 years ago. If it happens a lot, you should check if there is an updated driver available.